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Episode 24. Don’t Keep your Kid in a Bucket! with Lisa Robertson, Pediatric OT

Those car sear carriers aren’t just obnoxiously heavy, they may interfere with your infant’s sensory development, according to our guest today. The child is getting auditory input, but with the carrier often covered they aren’t getting the matching visual input, and because they are staying on the same almost horizontal plane, they are missing vestibular input. Does keeping your kid in a bucket correspond with the increasing numbers of developmental issues in children? Lisa Robertson, a pediatric occupational therapist, believes so, and isn’t afraid to get on a soapbox about it.

Lisa Robertson, OTR/L graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a bachelors of science in Occupational Therapy in 1995. She worked in several areas of OT including home health, skilled nursing and hand therapy before focusing on pediatrics as her primary scope of practice. She is a homeschooling mom of twin 7 year old boys, enjoys all activities outdoors, as well as creating with fabric and clay indoors. She maintains and runs a small pediatric occupational therapy clinic in town.

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