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Episode 23. Meniscus Healing, Formulations & Cooking Classes for Specific Health Issues with Kevin M

If you’ve torn your meniscus, is there any chance of it healing? I had heard no, but Kevin Meehan has a different story to share today on Health in the Hole. Kevin is an acupuncturist, and biochemist, who has multiple patents for formulations that help with hair growth, anti aging, meniscus repair and more. Also, he teaches cooking classes based on different health issues – such as arthritis, depression, herpes, stroke, and estrogen dominant cancers. Listen on for a very interesting discussion, with maybe more than a splash of biochemistry in there.

Kevin Meehan has a life-long deep interest in the science of health and alternative medicine. He has designed and created protocols designed for synthesizing collagen proteins (clinically trialed), genetic (telomere) influencing, Hepatitis C, Krebs Cycle enhancement for enhanced ATP propagation (clinically trialed) cosmetic muscle hypertrophy and cancer patients with demonstrable success. He has quite a range of interests and talents! Instagram: @meehanformulations Videos and courses at

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