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Episode 22. Eating Disorders with Mary Ryan, LCSW, MS, RDN, CEDRD, LD

Today, we are talking about eating disorders, with Mary Ryan, who is both a dietician and a counsellor. We talk about prevalence in males and females, how young eating disorders can start, and what the signs are to look for in both yourself and those you care about. She shares how you can help broach the subject with others when you’re concerned and what treatment looks like.

Mary Ryan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Master’s level Registered Dietitian with a special focus in behavioral nutrition as a Certified Eating Disorder specialist, licensed in Wyoming and Idaho. Beyond Broccoli LLC is Mary’s private practice based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where she offers both therapy and nutrition services for a broad range of clients. In addition to her extensive work with eating disorders, her therapy training and experience also includes substance use disorders, anxiety, depression, life transitions, and addressing traumatic life experiences. For more about her experience, philosophy and approach to her work you can visit the Beyond Broccoli, LLC website. When not working with clients Mary enjoys skiing, ice hockey, hiking, cooking, reading, and long walks with her Black Lab Ginny.

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