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Episode 21. Healthy Aging, Aging in Place & the Connections Program with Lauren Bates, OTR/L

Today on Health in the Hole we are joined by Lauren Bates, an occupational therapist from St. John’s Health. Lauren talks about health as we age, and the new program they have put together- called Connections, that evaluates balance, home safety, cognition and so much more for aging individuals. The team is made up of an MD, Speech language pathologist, occupational therapists and social workers to give a comprehensive assessment. It’s an amazing example of how health care professionals can work together to best serve our community.

Lauren is an occupational therapist who has been living in Jackson on and off for the past 10 years. Her passion is working with the geriatric population of this community and promoting their independence and quality of life. For the past year, she and a team of healthcare professionals have developed a unique program designed to evaluate an elderly individual, using a team approach to collaborate and design a plan of care to best address the continued safety and quality of life of that individual.

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