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Episode 14. Sleep, What You are Missing for a Good Night’s Rest with Martha Lewis FDN-P

Sleep is our topic today on Health in the Hole, more specifically why we have trouble sleeping and what we can do about it. Our guest is Martha Lewis, a sleep consultant, who goes in depth about what affects our sleep, beyond the blue-blocking glasses and dark quiet room, into the role of gut health, food sensitivities, hormones and more.

Martha Lewis is a sleep consultant to health-conscious, high achievers who want to sleep but can’t. As a certified sleep expert and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner, she addresses both the body and the mind with stress resilience techniques and testing for hidden health issues to get to the root cause of her clients’ insomnia. She has been featured in numerous publications, such as Thrive Global and the Jackson Hole News & Guide, and various podcasts around the world and is also a passionate speaker on the topic of sleep.

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