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Episode 7. Female Athlete Triad, Food Psychology & Nutrition Psychology with Eden Morris MS, RD, LD

I was enraptured by the interview with Eden Morris and am so excited to release this episode. She has a powerful, I’d say tragic, story that started her on her path to becoming a dietician and now gives her amazing motivation and empathy in her work. Eden Morris is a registered dietitian based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. After experiencing serious health consequences from female athlete triad while competing on Texas A&M University’s softball team, Eden decided to pursue a master’s degree in nutrition & dietetics with the main goal of preventing what happened to her from happening to other individuals. Overall, Eden’s goal is to help others improve their relationship with food in order to promote performance not just in athletics, but also in life. When she isn’t busy working as a dietitian, Eden enjoys hiking, mountain biking, skiing, reading, watching movies, meeting new people, and spreading joy to others in whatever way she can.

Find her on Instagram: @gardenofeden_rd and

Facebook: Eden Morris or Teton Performance Nutrition

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