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Soothe Your Headaches

Too Many Headaches

We live with far too many headaches. Nine out of ten Americans suffer from headaches, so you are not alone in this. Even so, throbbing, pounding or nagging pain shouldn’t be the norm.

Some of the common headaches we treat are:

  • tension headaches,

  • jaw/TMJ related headaches, and

  • sinus related headaches.

  • Additionally, some individuals with migraines have them less frequently or less severely with chiropractic care.

Tension headaches generally present at the base of the skull, across the temple, or behind the eye. Tension and tight neck musculature can also be a trigger for migraine headaches. Tension headaches typically come on later in the day, particularly when you are working at a desk and have your head bent forward. We can show you how to set up your work station to have better posture and put less tension on your supporting musculature. We use Active Release Techniques to release the muscles throughout your neck, adjust the spine as needed to relieve pressure, and teach exercises to activate proper neck stability. Less tension throughout your neck leads to relief for your tension headaches.

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction can contribute to or cause headaches, most often referring pain to your temple area. Headaches related to jaw dysfunction typically are the headaches you wake up with or that you notice when you are stressed and clenching your jaw. We work through and release the muscle to normalize jaw opening and closing. We can adjust the joint if needed. Often neck tension plays a role in jaw issues, and we will always check that as well.

Headaches related to colds and sinus congestion are all too common in the winter months. Sinus related headaches intensify when you bend forward and usually feel more like pressure or pounding in the temples or around the eyes. We do light cranial work to relieve sinus pressure, use sinus acupressure points, adjust and work through the neck as needed. A fun favorite are the ear adjustments that open up the Eustachian tubes to promote drainage.

Chiropractic Care vs. NSAIDS for Headaches

NSAIDS sometimes do the trick for reducing pain quickly, however they do little to address the cause of the headache. If you get headaches once in a blue moon, you are less likely to see a chiropractor for a headache. If you are getting headaches daily or several days a week, it is time to see a chiropractor who can help you figure out why you have repeated headaches, work to alleviate them, and can help you learn what to do so the headaches do not return as often.

We’d love to work with you. If you would like help with your headaches you can book a session with us here.

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