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Episode 1. Acupuncture, Women’s Health and Fertility with Erin Borbet L.Ac, Masters of Science in TC

erin borbet

Just recorded the first interview with Erin Borbet. She has so much amazing information to share about women’s health, and what acupuncture and herbs can do for fertility, pregnancy, post-partum and menopause! Stay-tuned to hear her when the first set of episodes is released in October. Erin Borbet is a Licensed Acupuncturist in Idaho, Wyoming and New York. She holds her Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is nationally Board Certified in Herbal Medicine.

After running a busy holistic women’s health practice in the New York City for 8 years, she relocated out west with her husband and three children for fresh air and wide open space. She currently runs a thriving clinical practice in Victor, ID, provides perinatal house-calls in Jackson Hole, contracts with Shooting Star and Amangani Spa’s and works remotely with women all over the world via Tele-Health consults. You can learn more about her services at

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